Weifang generator set

Weifang generator sets mostly adopt closed cooling system, with sealed radiator cover and expansion water tank. When the engine is working, the coolant vapor enters the expansion tank and flows back to the radiator after cooling, which can prevent a large amount of evaporation loss of coolant and increase the boiling point temperature of coolant.
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The four-stroke industrial water-cooled diesel engine used in oil-fired generator sets has good power, economy, reliability, high universality of parts, easy replacement and convenient maintenance.Oil-fired generator sets are widely used in railways, highways, factories, fish and animal husbandry industries as power and lighting sources. It can be used as a mobile power supply for engineering construction and flood control. It can also be used as emergency power supply in hospitals, hotels, schools and other public places.Oil-fired generator sets can be installed in an environment with good ventilation and clean environment, as far as possible in a computer room with power distribution. When installing, the air outlet of the air inlet pipe should be as low as possible, so that the introduced air can pass over the heat dissipation part of the generator. The exhaust fan should be installed at the inner high position, so that the high-temperature updraft can be discharged outdoors in time. An exhaust duct should be set to exhaust the exhaust gas generated by the generator outside. The installation distance between two oil-fired generator sets shall be no less than 0.8m as far as possible, and no other equipment and other sundries shall be installed within 2m around.