Haofeng Power 250KW Natural Gas Generator Set

Natural gas generator set is an ignition type gas machine with high calorific value gas such as natural gas as fuel. On the basis of the non-supercharged model, a supercharging system and an intercooling system are added.
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Requirements of natural gas for 250kw generator set;1) methane content is not less than 95%;2) The temperature of natural gas shall not be lower than 0℃ and higher than 60℃; The fuel gas contains no other impurities (the particle size of impurities should be less than 5μm). The water content shall not be higher than 20g/Nm3;;3) The calorific value of natural gas is ≥ 8,500 kcal/m3. If low calorific value gas (calorific value < 8,500 kcal > 4) is used, the inlet pressure of natural gas is 3-100 kPa; Below 3KPa, a gas booster should be added; above 100KPA, a pressure reducer should be added;5) Natural gas needs desulfurization and dehydration. Hydrogen sulfide < <200mg/Nm3