Inspection and installation of generator set

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The installation of the generator set is very important. You can choose a suitable location for installation. The selected installation location should have good ventilation conditions. The air inlet at the generator end should be large enough, and the diesel end should have a good air outlet. The area of the air outlet should be at least twice as large as that of the water tank. The surrounding area of the installation site should be kept clean, and items that can generate corrosive gas and steam, such as acid and alkali, should not be placed nearby. If conditions permit, fire extinguishing devices shall be provided. When used indoors, the exhaust pipe must be led to the outside, the diameter of the pipe must be greater than or equal to that of the muffler exhaust pipe, and the number of elbows connecting the pipes should not exceed three, so as to ensure smooth exhaust, and the pipe is inclined downward by 5-10 degrees to avoid rain spray; If the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upward, a rain cover must be installed. When the foundation is concrete, in the installation process, the levelness shall be measured with a spirit level, so that the unit can be fixed on the horizontal basis. There should be a special shockproof pad or foot bolt between the unit and the foundation.Inspection and installation of generator setAfter the oil-fired generator sets arrive at the site, they should be placed in a horizontal position to avoid direct sunlight or rain. It is forbidden to put them in the base station for power generation, and it is forbidden to align the air inlet and outlet of the generator with the entrance. Connect the output cable of the oil machine to the oil machine port of the bipolar switch box to ensure reliable connection and edge isolation measures, and lock the switch box door or discharge exhaust gas in the upwind direction. Connect the grounding wire of the fuel generator and lay the grounding pile to ensure the reliable grounding connection. Switch the brake knife in the bipolar switch box to the unit position to ensure its reliability. On the premise of ensuring that the main switch of AC input is disconnected, the base station of bipolar switch box should cut off the zero line of AC input of the base station, do a good job of barrier protection, and connect the standby output of the oil engine output cable to AC. The distribution screen of the base station should be opened to ensure that the spare output capacity matches the oil engine capacity.Inspection and installation of generator setCheck whether all the contents of the unit installation project have been correctly completed. Including whether the installation and connection of circuits, oil pipes and water pipes are correct and reasonable, whether there are deficiencies in air inlet and outlet ducts, smoke exhaust pipes, various sound absorption and insulation works and various treatment equipment, and whether all ancillary work (heat preservation, cleaning, etc.) has been completed. Whether the connection and fixation of various facilities are firm. Under the condition of stable and reasonable installation of diesel generator set, check the design layout of generator room, start the generator on site, monitor the noise inside and outside the engine room and the smoke color concentration at the exhaust outlet, and pass the test.Inspection and installation of generator set