Start-up procedure of Cummins diesel generator set

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The PT fuel system used in Cummins diesel generator set has a better protection device. The air intake system is equipped with a dry air filter, an air resistance indicator and a pulse dry exhaust pipe, which can make use of exhaust energy and give full play to the engine performance. The whole machine has small vibration, low noise, stable operation, high efficiency, long service time and convenient maintenance. Let's introduce the startup procedure of Kangming diesel generator set.Start-up procedure of Cummins diesel generator setCummins diesel generators usually have self-starting function. Its main function is that when the power supply is cut off (or other important units send signals), the diesel generator set will be automatically started after delay confirmation to ensure that the generator set can supply power to the load normally. After the power supply returns to normal, delay to confirm the automatic cooling shutdown. The correct starting steps of Cummins diesel generator set are as follows:Oil seal removal of Cummins diesel generator: In order to reduce the rust of diesel generator, oil seals are provided inside and outside the unit when the product leaves the factory. In this way, after the new unit is installed and meets the installation requirements, it must be unsealed, otherwise there will be danger of speeding, which should be paid attention to. The method of removing oil seal can be divided into: diesel oil is heated to 45℃ ~ 56℃ to scrub antirust oil. Water is heated to above 90℃ and then continuously injected from the outlet of water jacket. From the drain switch on the side wall of the cylinder. Run continuously for 2-3 hours, and shake the crankshaft continuously, so that the antirust oil in the piston crown, cylinder liner surface and other parts will dissolve and flow out. Clean the oil pan with clean diesel oil and replace it with new oil. Clean and inspect the refrigeration and fuel system, fuel injection control system, water pump and starting drive system according to the requirements of the manual, supplement more cleaning cooling water, make sufficient starting batteries, and make preparations before starting.Start-up procedure of Cummins diesel generator setBefore the trial operation of Cummins diesel generator set, the following inspections shall be carried out:1. Check whether the surface of the unit is clean and whether the nuts of moving parts such as anchor nuts and flywheel screws are loose. Once the problem is found, tighten it in time.2. Check whether the clearance of each part is correct, and carefully check whether the clearance of several decompression mechanisms in the clearance of intake and exhaust valves meets the requirements.3. Put each cylinder in the decompression position, rotate the crankshaft, and check whether the running sound of each cylinder component is abnormal and whether the crankshaft rotates abnormally.4. Check the condition of the fuel supply system.5. Check whether the water cooling system is in a cooling state.6. Check the condition of Cummins generator lubrication system.7. Check whether there is any problem with the starting system.8. Check the installation of the generator.After the above steps are completed, the Cummins diesel generator set can be started, and the operation of the generator set should also be observed after the start-up. If it runs normally, the generator set can be used normally.